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Modular Kitchen

Top-notch Cabinet Installation Services in Flamborough

When it comes to custom cabinet makers, Paradigm Cabinets is the preferred contractor in Flamborough, Brantford, Hamilton, Cambridge, Ancaster and Burlington. 

Our cabinet builders are adept at 3D drawings which help us conceptualize the designs of your dreams. We will look closely at your space, take measurements and discuss your wants and needs before moving on to the designing process. In addition to the design and manufacturing, our experts offer complete cabinet installation services.

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Advantages of Putting in Custom Cabinets


Cabinets are a major design element of a bathroom or kitchen and changing them can overhaul the entire look and feel of a room. Whether you're looking for more storage or a better flow, installing custom cabinets can be the best option if you want to create extra room or expand your storage. Here are a few advantages:



Custom cabinets are made to order and you're in control. From colour and material to finish and hardware, they are built according to your needs.  By keeping your lifestyle in mind when designing and building your cabinets, we can help minimize wear and decrease the maintenance required to keep your cabinets looking nice for years.


Do you want cabinets that match the rest of your area when you renovate your kitchen? By getting personalized cabinets made especially for you by our expert cabinet makers, you can rest assured knowing that your cabinets will fit in perfectly with the rest of your existing space, creating a cohesive room you can fall in love with.


Custom cabinets are made to precisely fit the dimensions of your space. Awkward angles and small rooms are no match for your dreams of storage and space when the creation of your cabinets is in the hands of some of the best cabinet makers around.  "Custom" also means a perfect fit for all your appliances, creating a sleek and polished finished product.

Modular White Kitchen

Our Quality Custom Cabinet Services




This is a great place to discuss timing, materials, concepts, and budget.


We bring your vision to life in a 3D design that allows you to visualize the end result.


This is where we bring your dreams into reality and transform your space before your eyes.

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