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Consultation, Design, and Installation

Your Kitchen Renovation
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Your Kitchen is done

Rest assured, knowing that your project will be done right from start to finish. Trust the pros at Paradigm Cabinets to manage your project. Contact us Now

Your Trusted Cabinet Maker 


Founded in 2019, Paradigm Cabinets is a full-service cabinet company offering custom products for your kitchen, hall and bathroom in Flamborough, Brantford, Hamilton, Cambridge, Ancaster and Burlington. Whether you are looking to renovate your kitchen or bathroom or need quality cabinets for a new design, we are the trusted cabinet maker in the area. We follow a three-step process involving consultation, design and installation, keeping in mind all your requirements from start to finish. Contact us today to request a free in-home consultation today. One of our professionals will reach out to you as soon as possible.


Importance of Custom Cabinet Installation


Your interests and preferences would be taken into account while designing a personalized kitchen cabinet. Your family's lifestyle has a significant role in the design and customization of the kitchen cabinets. Everyone wants new things in their home to be flawless and in their proper place. Your daily activities will be easy to carry out if small but crucial storage issues can be resolved using cabinets.

Although customised kitchen cabinets can cost a little more than ready-made ones, they have numerous advantages. In kitchens, customised cabinets are excellent space savers. Second, remodelling or designing kitchen areas with custom cabinets will enhance the appearance of the room.

Complete Cabinetry Solutions

We offer personalized cabinets for all types of properties and will handle the task from start to finish.


Know What Our Customers Say

We are proud to have a host of satisfied customers in Hamilton, Brantford, Burlington, Cambridge and Ancaster and beyond.


We really enjoyed working with Pete, it was nice to let a professional design and install our kitchen and bathrooms. We were wowed by the finished results and the quality of the cabinetry. Pete is extremely helpful, patient and respectful. He goes over and beyond, is very compassionate with what he does and it reflects in his work.

Mark A.

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